We have taken all of the work out of creating your own flip flop. Using our 3D Configurator, you can simply select the options you want your shoe to have. You start with a blank slate where you are the designer. The 3D model can be zoomed in and rotated. If you don't like your choices, use the reset button to start over. When you are finished designing, use the rotate button to see a 360 degree view of your creation. So what are you waiting for? Give it a spin!


Always wished to be your own shoe designer? Start by measuring your foot and selecting your size. You can then pick from several options for your insole, midsole, and outsole design. Each has a description to help you make your choice and you can see what it will look like immediately in the 3D model. Color and upper style add to the individual look of each pair. Finally, select your different compression levels for your heal, arch, and toe zones to best meet your needs. It's that simple.


From top to bottom, the Impact F1 was designed to allow for ultimate customizability (We think that is a word!). We wanted to make a shoe where the customer could become the designer. Using our proprietary automation, we can create a printable shoe file in under 10 minutes with no human involvement. This file can take into account hundreds of thousands of different configurations! The days of singular molds done to produce thousands of the same shoe are gone and individual design is the new reality. We will even put a special message on the bottom of your shoe so everyone knows it's yours.


That's right, your shoe is being made with a "Laser". Were not sure why we are using quotes since it is a real laser. Using our partners technology of Selective Laser Sintering, a custom footbed can be created using the 3D file process we provide. A layer of a thermoplastic powder is deposited on the bed of the printer and the design of your custom shoe is lasered onto it. Ten's of thousands of layers are stacked on top of each other building one of the strongest flip flops around. Lasers and thermoplastics, pretty cool huh!


Super strong thermoplastics are not the only ingredient used in what makes this flip flop super sustainable. We are using a high tech Vapor Smoothing process from one of our vendors. This is some cool science stuff that changes the molecular structure of the material in order to make it super smooth on your skin, water tight, and easily cleaned. The fact that it also makes it even stronger to resist wear is an added plus. With the use of our modular upper, you can wear this shoe daily and feel good that you have something that will last. Don't worry, when it does wear out, send it back to us and we will reuse the thermoplastic material in the footbed for another part. Long lasting and circular, the opposite of all those cheap flip flops in landfills!