See what we did there? Lattice technology brings a completely different feel to footwear compared to injection molded rubber and foam. With the ability to fully change the geometry of the midsole of our F1 Flip Flop, you get to determine the amount of responsive cushioning our lattice structures provide. These lattice structures are not only incredibly responsive, but they also require less material to produce. That along with a high level of resilience make these flip flops feel like nothing you have ever worn before..


Every foot is different and each person has different needs. Flat Feet? High Arch? Toe soarness? Heal Pressure? There are so many different conditions that can have an Impact on the comfort of your feet when wearing a flip flop. We made the interior of the shoe completely customized. You can pick the level of compression and responsive cushioning that you desire for your heal, arch, and toes. Needs something firmer, select our ultra firm option with more responsive support. Want something more cushioned, our open lattice structures provide the highest level of responsive cushioning while still providing good support.


Don't just take our word for it. We put our lattice structures through testing at an independent lab to measure the compression level as more weight, pressure, and force are applied. After testing a number of lattice structures, we selected choices that tested optimaly to our four levels of compression. Our most responsive lattice, Ultra Compression measured at 3 times the level of supportive compression. This means you get a supportive midsole that also responds to your foot and allows for it to absorb the pressure being applied to it. For you it means an incredibly comfortable feel!


We wanted the F1 Flip Flop to look different than any other shoe on the market. Lattice technology is not just incredibly efficient and comfortable, it also looks really cool. With this in mind, we allow you to choose your midsole design separately from the comfort lattices found in the interior of the shoe. It is like having your cake and eating it too! Our latticed midsoles don't just look cool, they are also water tight so nothing from the outside can get into the interior of your shoe. This flip flop was built to last and no detail was spared in making this fully customized shoe be the best you ever wore!