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The World’s First Custom Flip Flop Designed By You

Impact F1 Flip Flop

The days of generic flip flops are over! Design your perfect pair of Impact F1 Flip Flops that fit your specific style and need.

Choose between dozens of options in the 3D Design Configurator, and have them manufactured on demand in the USA from the comfort of your home.

3D Technology Produces Perfect Footwear On Demand

Impact F1 Flip FlopImpact F1 Flip Flop

Design Your Perfect
Flip Flops


Lattice Based 3D Printed Footbed For Supreme Comfort, Support & Performance

Impact Footwear offers 3 custom comfort zones that use lattice based 3D printing technology to provide varying levels of compression for the heel, arch, and toes.

You select the level of support you need and your custom footwear will be built providing you superior comfort.

You can also customize the traction options to make sure your Impact Footwear meet your performance needs.

You can also customize the traction options to make sure your Impact Footwear meet your performance needs.

Interchangeable Upper straps for Multiple Styles

Change the Upper of the shoe for different styles to match the occasion.


Materials That Last Longer Than The Competition

The F1s utilize extremely dense and durable footbeds made from thermoplastic materials.

After production, your footwear goes through a vapor smoothing process making them waterproof and cleanable. Your perfect Flip Flops will last longer than the choices you will find in the market.


Environmentally Conscious Production

Every pair of Impact F1s are 3D printed on demand at a localized facility in the USA in order to reduce waste and make the product with a lower carbon footprint.

After a longer lifespan of use, all materials can be recycled. Impact Footwear is moving the industry forward and away from shoe factories that have excessively wasteful production.

Impact F1 Flip Flop